The 14-day itinerary in the Red Sea:Ā 

Embark on a Dive Mania boat for an incredible diving cruise in Egypt.

The exceptional Red Sea cruise departing from Hurghada has been specially designed for divers who want to extend the pleasure of bubbling and discovery.

You will therefore leave in joy and good humor for 2 weeks of non-stop diving! From the north with its magnetic and mythical wrecks, its breathtaking drop-offs, to the south towards the Brothers Islands, Elphinstone, Daedalus, St John’s Reef and the Furry Shoals…

An itinerary is so complete, there is something for everyone.

This cruise is accessible to Level 2 or Advance with 50 dives in their logbook.Ā 


On your arrival on Saturday at Hurghada airport, the Dive Mania representative will give you your visa. You collect your luggage then are transferred to the boat in about fifteen minutes. Once on board, you can rest in your cabin, or enjoy the sun on the sundeck. Make yourselves at home !

Sunday morning, the boat sets off for the first site, the first dives

Will start on Sunday afternoon. For 2 weeks,

You perform between 45 and 51 dives (up to 4 dives per day are organized according to the plan and except the first and the last day), on sites such as the Ras Mohammed nature reserve, the very famous

Thistlegorm, Jackson Reef, Tiran, Giftun Islands National Park, BDE and more

Again depending on weather conditions. Your days will be ā€œDive Eat Sleepā€ rhythm

Repeatā€ by the sound of the bell telling you.

Back in port on Friday afternoon, you can stay one last night on board

of the boat (or in a 3* hotel depending on the organization needs of the boat for

next cruise) and disembark after breakfast on Saturday. In terms of

your return flight times, you can go shopping in the souk, access a

private beach or visit Hurghada. Your luggage is kept safe on the boat until your transfer to the airport.

Dive Mania’s professional and experienced crew look forward to providing you with an unforgettable holiday in Egypt.Ā 

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