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If you wish to dive beyond 60 meters, the Technical Diving Course Level 5, is the course you need. It teaches you to use trimix and a selection of decompression gas mixes to conduct much deeper dives up to 100 meters.

Due to the fact that the association teaching technical diving have slightly different prerequisites and requirements, we recommend you to contact us to obtain the needed information in order to sign up to this course.

Thorough dive and gas planning are key components of the course, while you hone your in-water skills. Contingency and bail out planning, as well as emergency procedures, are also covered by this course.

First of all you will get a review of the physics of breathing helium and a refresher of the dive table. Information about the physiology of breathing helium follows in the theoretical part of the course. Another topic is the in-depth review of the decompression strategies. An equipment workshop and considerations is also on the agenda.

Your instructor will explain you the physiology of hypoxia and the dive planning including hypoxic trimix. The definition and a review of isobaric counter diffusion will also be given.

During the open water dives you will practice the different skills and scenarios.

You will be shown how to manage three stage cylinders. You will learn everything about stage bottle drop and recovery while maintaining your position.

Your instructor will teach you how to deploy a lift bag while air sharing, gas switching using team diving protocols and how to switch to a contingency dive plan at depth.

You will review the skills of all previous technical diving courses you followed.

Upon completion of the Technical Diving Course Level 5, you will be among some of the most elite divers, capable of doing and seeing more while diving than other divers. Do you want to belong to this elite group?

Join us, at Dive Mania, to take part in the Technical Diving Course Level 5. There is a lot to learn, but the ability to visit uncharted wrecks, see the dark of the sea or venture into the deep caves is well worth your time and effort.


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