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As you motivation to explore the deep progresses, one of the major limiting factors of going deeper is narcosis. If you are looking to exceed the depth limits of diving with air, the Technical Diving Course Level 4 is a great way to achieve your goal. This course will give you the tools to expend your depth limits in order to perform safe dives.

As each association has his own prerequisites and requirements, by contacting us, you can obtain the necessary information in order to participate to the Technical Diving Course Level 4.

 Safely going deeper is possible, however, using trimix blends which reduce the problems associated with both nitrox and oxygen on deep dives and in the meantime improving your breathing.

This course will show you how to minimize the effects of narcosis by adding helium to offset the nitrogen in your breathing gas.

Trimix combines helium, oxygen and nitrogen, which is designed to lessen the effects of nitrogen narcosis at depth, as well as to reduce the risk of oxygen toxicity.

The Technical Diving Course Level 4 will talk about the advantages and physiological properties of helium as a breathing gas and evaluate how trimix behaves during decompression.

You will review the physiology of breathing helium, the dive tables and the decompression strategies. The physics of breathing helium, equipment consideration and dive planning using decompression software will be explained.

You will learn how to manage two stage cylinders, including drop and recovery while maintaining position in the water.

Equipment considerations, cylinder labeling, analyzing trimix, nitrox and mixes and gas blending procedures are in water skill that will be practiced.

Emergency procedures such as equipment failures, catastrophic gas loss, omitted decompression, navigational errors and injured/unconscious diver rescuing are also included in the in-water skills.

You will also learn how to control a toxic diver during ascent, surface towing and equipment removal.

During open water dives in deep waters you will rehearse gas switching using team diving procedures as well as no mask air sharing. 

You will create a contingency decompression schedule after simulated loss of a decompression gas. 

It you take the Technical Diving Course Level 4, with Dive Mania, it will open the door to many new dive sites and still in a depth range that still allows a good balance of bottom time and without a long decompression.


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