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Certain areas in the world provide spectacular dives at depths deeper than 40 meters and but you will not always have access to helium. With the Technical Diving Course Level 3 you will learn the proper techniques for using compressed air as a breathing gas and till a maximum depth of 55 meters. If you don’t want to miss out those dives, than this is the course you need.

Contact us to have the full list of prerequisites and requirements needed to enroll the Technical Diving Course Level 3, as they differ from association to association.

The Technical Diving Course Level 3 follows decompression procedures that enable you to reach greater depths or have longer bottom times with shorter decompression by using two decompression gas blends.

During this course you will combine dive theory, confined water skills practice and open water dives. You will also practice some scenarios.

What is this course all about? Well first you will review the basics and theory of decompression. A second topic you will review, is how the use of enriched air or oxygen as a decompression gas will benefits you.

You will learn how to select and use two deco gasses to increase your safety.

Explanation concerning common decompression models and the difference between them will be given. You will learn dive planning and logistics for a variety of environments. As common problems may occur in decompression diving, anticipating and managing them is an important part of the course. And finally you will review the different equipment configurations and the use of multiple stage bottles.

The open water dive skills are as important as the theoretical part.

You will practice how to recalculate the decompression requirements due to the loss of deco gas. The course includes a narcosis test at depth and a rehearsal of some topics already supposed to have done, such as gas switching using team protocols, lift bag deployment, using a safety lift bag for surface assistance, dealing with a convulsing diver at depth and refinement of configurations.

Emergency scenarios simulations are included in the open water dives. 

Let us be honest, once you start technical diving, diving past recreational depth limits becomes addicting. So if every experience leaves you thirsty for more, join us, at Dive Mania, for the Technical Diving Course Level 3. It’s time to go deeper.


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