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Advanced underwater missions require a robust skill set, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge. When performing dive beyond 50 meters, resilience to handle potential difficulties is a must. Deep dives can be exciting as many as the undiscovered and unexplored areas are beyond the limits of recreational diving. Being proficient during dives of these depths will open an ocean of possibilities. The Technical Diving Course Level 2 will allow you to go deeper and to increase bottom times.

For this course as well, it is better to contact us and tell us the chosen association, so we can give you the adequate prerequisites, duration and other detail information about the course.

During the Technical Diving Course Level 2, you will examine the basics and theory of decompression.

The methods and procedures of planned stage decompression diving will be profoundly discussed. The differences between different decompression models is also a topic of the course. Your instructor will explain you the benefits of using enriched air or oxygen as a decompression gas.

Different environments require a different planning of dive and logistics. You will learn why it is important to take this in consideration while planning your technical dives.

Decompression diving at deeper depths, means that you will probably encounter some common problems. Your instructor will teach you how to anticipate the most common problems.

It is very important to know how to manage emergencies during decompression diving in order to finish your dive in a safe manner.

A workshop will contain equipment theory and cover the different configurations and stage bottles.

During the open water dives, you will learn the needed in-water skills and you will go through scenarios in order to practice the necessary skills to perform technical diving on a level 2 base.

You will practice how to switch gas using team protocols. You will learn about deploying a lift bag as it should. Your instructor will learn you the usage of a safety lift bag for surface assistance.

During these dives you will also learn how to deal with a convulsing diver at depth. You will refine your buoyancy and propulsion techniques.

An emergency simulation will be hold including the following topics: exceeding bottom times, sharing air during a no mask ascent, regulator free flows, lost gas and switching to a back-up buoyancy device.

The objective of the Technical Diving Course Level 2 is to train divers how to plan and conduct a standard staged decompression dive.

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