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Recent ocean and sea explorations at greater depths, has revealed a wide variety of treasures, such as deep pristine reefs, well preserved wrecks and here and there valuable historical artifacts. However, venturing deeper brings inherent risks that can be prevented with proper training, knowledge, teamwork and gradual experience. The Technical Diving Course Level 1 prepares ambitious divers to begin their technical diving path in a safe way, with confidence and with a base of solid skills and knowledge.

Prerequisites to start the Technical Diving Course Level 1 and the duration of it, vary from association to association. Therefore, we recommend you to contact us, and according the association you choose, we will give you all necessary details concerning this course. 

This course prepares you to handle emergencies and execute dives requiring the use of gas mixtures. It will familiarize you with the use of different breathing and decompression techniques and procedures.

You will complete with your instructor all knowledge concerning oxygen exposure tracking and accelerated gas switch dives, equipment set up and configuration, physiology and decompression as well as a gas switch decompression dive planning workshop.

Areas covered include also problem identification and resolution. 

You will learn to use the double tank configuration and the potential failure problems associated, the use of nitrox for accelerated and general decompression strategies, how to use helium to minimize narcosis and you will apply single decompression stage diving by respecting the decompression procedures.

During the open water dives you will demonstrate your ability to conduct at least 4 decompression dives in a safe way to a maximum depth of 45 meters. A switch to a rich nitrox mix to accelerate your required decompression is also included in one of those dives. During each dive you will carry out drills used during technical dives, such as shut downs enabling you to deal with catastrophic gas loss in a safe manner and end your dive in a controlled environment. All this will help you to become a self sufficient diver able to deal with buddy separation and equipment malfunction.

We, at Dive Mania, will help you to competently and safely realize your diving ambitions. Follow the Technical Diving Course Level 1 with us.


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