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Technical diving, or ‘tech’ diving as divers usually call it, has nowadays taken it rightful place as the state of the art of sport diving and its influence has been widely felt across the recreational diving industry. It is no wonder that there is considerable interest in technical diving among avid recreational divers. Instead of plunging right into the geeky depths of technical diving, our Intro To Technical Diving Course Level 0 provides interested divers with a thoughtful overview of what technical diving is all about.

So who can actually benefit from this course? Well easy:

  • You are a certified Open Water Diver seriously considering to enter the world of technical diving.
  • You are a certified Open Water Diver who wants to expand his diver knowledge.
  • Or you are a certified Technical Diver who is seeking for a refresher course.

In order to enroll the Intro To Technical Diving Course Level 0, you must have reached the minimum age of 18 years, 15 years with parental consent. You need to be in the possession of the Open Water Diver certificate and you must have 25 dives logged in your logbook.

During this course you will first of all learn about the origin, history and philosophy of technical diving. 

Planning a technical dive is totally different than planning a recreational dive. Your instructor will teach you how to plan an in-depth dive and how to execute it.

Technical diving also requires different diving gear. All diving equipment considerations and streamlining for technical diving, will be discussed during the course.

Of course different diving gear means also different buoyancy. You will focus on what is needed to perfect your buoyancy control during a technical dive.

Several kicking techniques will be explained. When, why and in which situation it is preferable to use a specific kicking technique. 

The Intro To Technical Diving Course Level 0 includes also the fundamentals of mixed gas technology, the required attitude and, most important, the skills, practical considerations and issues you should care about, especially staying alive. 

Three open water technical dives are made, to give you the chance to practice all the above.

The main goal of this course is certainly that when performing a technical dive, you have to be able to recognize hazardous situations, how to solve them and how to stay calm.

We, at Dive Mania, are ready to show you the basics of technical diving, with the Intro To Technical Diving Course Level 0.


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