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Duration: 1 Day
Equipment: Included

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It is not because scuba diving has a lower fatality rate than other sports that you shouldnā€™t be prepared with basic CPR and first-aid skills. As a diver, be prepared to help your buddy or any other diver in difficulty out at sea or on land.

The goal of the PADI Emergency First Response Course (EFR) is to train you to stabilize injuries until paramedics can arrive on the scene.

The PADI Emergency First Response Course (EFR) offers foundational skills for providing CPR and First Aid in the event that you are the first person on the scene of an injury or accident ā€“ whether you are near the water or not.

There are no prerequisites, the PADI Emergency First Response Course (EFR) is open to anyone who is at least 10 years old. You donā€™t need to be a diver, there are skills everyone should know.

The PADI Emergency First Response Course (EFR) is divided in two parts:

  • – The Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR).Ā 

Here you will learn how to respond to life-threatening emergencies. It is a combination of knowledge development and realistic scenario practice to make sure you get the confidence in the ability to provide care when emergency situationsĀ arise. It includes skills for working with adults or children who arenā€™t breathing orĀ  donā€™t have a heartbeat. The CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) method will alsoĀ be explained and practiced. This part also demonstrate what to do if a victim mightĀ have a spinal injury, and how to provide the necessary aid to a person who is in shock or has serious bleeding. The goal of these skills is to sustain a patient longĀ enough for emergency services to arrive on the scene.

  • – The Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid).Ā 

This part is handling all injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life-threatening.Ā Participants will focus on secondary assessment and first aid through knowledgeĀ development, skill development and realistic scenario practice. Participants will learn how to evaluate a patient from head to toe, injury assessment and illness assessment. You will learn how to bandage a wound and how to splint a dislocationĀ or fracture until emergency medical services arrive.

We, at Dive Mania, encourage you to enroll to the PADI Emergency First Response Course (EFR) because it enable you to maybe save a life not only during dive activities but also during everydayā€™s life.


ā€¢ Minimum age: any age
ā€¢ Certificate: no specific skills

Price: ā‚¬110


Aiding patients who arenā€™t breathing.
How to perform CPR.
Practice bandaging and splinting.
Helping infants and children with medical emergencies.
Teaching participants how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator).

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